“The only source of knowledge is experience.” ~ Albert Einstein

Teacher working with a student

As a Teacher


The primary objective of teaching is to impart knowledge and wisdom. I accomplish this by active engagement in the learning process that allows each student to develop deeper understandings of concepts and ideally of themselves as learners.

As a Teacher


It is most productive to a student’s learning when they are provided with an explanation as to what is accurate and inaccurate about their work. By giving feedback to students, using the feed-forward model the student becomes aware of what they need to achieve to reach the desired goals. This process removes the positive or negative feedback with future-oriented solutions.

As a Teacher

Growth Mindset

By fostering a growth mindset, students are taught to embrace challenges with open arms, and failure is viewed as a learning experience. This teaching philosophy allows individuals to realize that their ability and talents can improve over time with hard work and effort.

As a Teacher

Authentic Learning

To enrich my students’ lives by following the COVA approach that fosters education by choice, ownership, and a voice that provides authentic learning.

Three students smiling around a computer