5303,  Masters - ADL

e-Portfolios and Their Use

Even though I have no intention of bringing this concept to my classroom this semester as many of my fellow classmates have indicated, I know that I will implement this concept in the coming years. I am hesitant to rush into this based upon the survey responses of college students in the early 00’s. When asked, these students seemed unhappy with creating an e-portfolio. The most common reason was because the professor had not made an e-portfolio themselves nor could they show a quality example. I want my students to see that I have created one and that it is robust before I endeavor to have them do the same. I am excited to learn all the skillsets needed to use the e-portfolio that I can later convey to my students. I want my students to have authentic experiences that include the COVA model. I think the only way for me to implement this in my classroom will be to fully immerse myself into the concept and become an expert on the matter first.

As for myself, I look forward to learning how to incorporate quality digital learning in the classroom, and then plan to work on my coding skills to possibly move into a field that allows for my teaching and technology knowledge to blend together to create digital classroom content through apps or other such technology for the classroom. So an e-portfolio will be the perfect place to show my capabilities to create and tell a story.

I think e-portfolios seem like a fantastic idea to maintain all of your professional knowledge and display your capabilities. I had never heard of these before starting my Masters in Applied Digital Learning. I knew some people had personal websites, but I always assumed that these sites were for important people like movie stars, musicians, and writers. I never thought a teacher or a student would benefit from one. I now see how useful the tool can be for organizing my professional knowledge.

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