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5320 & 5318 – Contributions to My Learning Environment

Learning every day!


The members of my core group are: Tania Barrientos, Angel Crittend, and Sara Eder

Self-Assessment Grade

I was extremely active in my core group, consistently submitted my assignments on time, and took care to ensure all information was included. When I replied to individuals I ensured that my post contributed with added meaning. I feel that based on this information I should receive a 90/100 for EDLD 5320 and 95/100 for EDLD 5318. In course EDLD 5320, I gained great insight and growth through the COVA approach, emphasizing choice, ownership, and voice in authentic learning opportunities. The program’s significant learning environment (CSLE) provided a supportive and engaging atmosphere, fostering motivation and excellence. Working on my innovation project was central to my coursework, allowing me to apply learning in real-world contexts and make a positive impact in education. Reflecting on my journey, I recognize the importance of seeking feedback and continuously refining my approaches to enhance student learning. Overall, the ADL program has transformed my teaching philosophy, empowering me to embrace change, inspire curiosity, and create meaningful and innovative learning experiences for my students. In course EDLD 5318, through this transformative journey, I’ve gained great insight into the importance of collaboration and community in effective design and implementation. Building connections with like-minded peers, sharing our implementations, and reviewing each other’s work have proven to be invaluable for my future learning activities. I now understand that seeking feedback and feedforward from fellow participants is crucial for success. Additionally, I’ve come to appreciate the significance of considering my stakeholders and peers in every step of course design, ensuring a clear and easy-to-navigate Introduction/Overview/Start Here section. Understanding their experience in engaging with the first module’s activity sets the tone for the entire course, making it vital to provide a seamless and enriching experience for all.

Key Contributions 

Throughout the course, I actively contributed by offering valuable support to my fellow classmates to help them stay on top of their coursework. I made it a priority to provide helpful feedforward, offering constructive suggestions and insights to help them enhance their projects and assignments. Engaging in back and forth discussions with my peers allowed us to share valuable insights and perspectives, fostering a dynamic and collaborative learning environment. By actively participating in these interactions, I aimed to create a sense of camaraderie and support, ensuring that everyone felt encouraged and empowered in their learning journey.

During the course, our group made excellent use of the WhatsApp App to facilitate discussions on assignments, share our e-portfolios, and provide constructive feedback to one another. Through this platform, we engaged in real-time conversations, collaborating seamlessly to refine our work based on each other’s valuable comments and suggestions. Additionally, I diligently incorporated feedback from the professors, making revisions to my assignments to ensure the highest quality of work.

I took great care in adhering to proper APA citation format for all my submissions, ensuring academic integrity and giving credit to the original sources. Emphasizing the importance of peer review, I made a point to submit my work early, following the course guidelines, so my fellow classmates could review and provide feedback. This practice not only enriched the learning experience but also encouraged a supportive and collaborative atmosphere within our group.

Supporting Contributions

Throughout the course, I made a conscious effort to be thoughtful and timely in my contributions to the discussion boards. I ensured that I posted promptly during each unit, engaging in reflective responses to my peers’ posts and actively returning to view their messages on my own posts. This interactive dialogue proved immensely valuable in my learning process, as I utilized their insights to engage in self-reflection, enhancing my personal growth and understanding.

I maintained constant communication with my group, striving to provide quick answers to any questions and offering frequent words of encouragement. Recognizing the importance of clear communication, I took the initiative to send out reminders when needed, ensuring that everyone was well-informed about class days and assignment deadlines.

In my assigned group, I remained committed to meaningful discussions by thoughtfully posting on time. My dedication to engaging with my peers in a constructive and timely manner fostered a collaborative learning environment, encouraging a rich exchange of ideas and insights. These efforts were instrumental in creating a supportive and dynamic learning community, where every member felt valued and motivated to contribute actively to the collective learning experience.

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