5302,  Masters - ADL

Concepts of Educational Tech

Since the program is set up with C.O.V.A. as its foundation, I felt that by the end of the program I will have a full grasp of all the components. I learned that modeling is the best way to motivate people. I appreciate that not only have I learned a wonderful new concept, but I also get to experience the concepts in action. In my undergraduate program the traditional teaching methods were practiced, which means failing comes at a huge cost and is not meant for a learning opportunity. The power of “Not yet” should be the guiding force in our courses, as all too often it is only repeating the right answer that drives the course. I know that as I move forward, the goal of this course is to give me the opportunity to grow and learn from my mistakes. I appreciate this method and see so much value as the process is focused on learning.

My work from this course:

This post explains the value of making a plan to achieve a growth mindset.

This page walks through the process of understanding my personal belief system in regards to student education.

This page details my journey to understanding what a PLN represents and the benefits of such a community.

This page explains the difference between a false mindset and a growth mindset.

Walk through the process of understanding how the wrong congratulatory word can harm a person.

Having a student critically think is the most valuable skill educators can impart, yet we rather practice proper implementation of this method.

Research backs the concept of e-Portfolios as a method for education, this post walks through the benefits of the e-Portfolio.