Concepts of Educational Tech

  • Girl on a Computer
    5302,  Masters - ADL


    I think e-portfolios seem like a fantastic idea to maintain all of your professional knowledge and display your capabilities. I had never heard of these before starting my Masters in Applied Digital Learning. I knew some people had personal websites, but I always assumed that these sites were for…

  • 5302,  Masters - ADL

    Concepts of Educational Tech

    Since the program is set up with C.O.V.A. as its foundation, I felt that by the end of the program I will have a full grasp of all the components. I learned that modeling is the best way to motivate people. I appreciate that not only have I learned…

  • Stack of books where a persons head should be
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    Learning every day! Contributions The members of my core group are: Tania Barrientos, Angel Crittend, and Sara Eder Self-Assessment Grade I was extremely active in my core group, consistently submitted my assignments on time, and took care to ensure all information was included. When I replied to individuals I…

  • Personal Learning Network - Connect - Share - Learn - Grow
    5302,  Masters - ADL

    Learning Networks

    I spent the first three years of my career as the only chemistry teacher at my school. I felt so alone and the only assistance I received was a list of all the topics I needed to cover. This time period was so stressful as I floundered to figure…

  • 5302,  Masters - ADL

    Learning Manifesto

    I believe high school does not have to define my students’ whole life and their possibility to be successful. I believe that each student is capable of learning and applying that knowledge to help them grow. I believe that each student sets their own pace of learning and that…

  • cog wheels for a plan
    5302,  Masters - ADL

    A Plan in Action

    A growth mindset is the understanding that success comes from time and effort rather than some innate ability. Growth mindset is contrasted against the fixed mindset that believes a person has innate ability that is unchanging (Dweck 2008). The vast majority of people have a mixed mindset, with many…