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Creating Significant Learning Environments

In learning how to create significant learning environments, I realized that backwards planning is the most effective way to design a course. I have always considered what it is I wanted my learners to have when they part with me at the end of a training session. By starting with crafting what the learners will demonstrate and know at the end really solidifies what should be taught. As I delve deeper into the different types of learning, I only resolved myself to create environments that ultimately reached a constructivist learning environment. However, I realize that starting with that type of environment would be detrimental to my learners unless they maintained a strong foundation of the key components of understanding which was easily identifiable using Fink’s 3-column table. Overall, I know to craft a truly enriching learning environment, I must look at the foundational knowledge of my students ensuring they are ready to reach a higher level of knowledge that I wish to impart. I feel that this is vital to learning at any age, and that so many educators/trainers fail to realize the learning gaps.

In this century, we find ourselves at with the opportunity to teach our learners in ways past generations could not even imagen. Now is the time to use the 21 century technology and incorporate those concepts into a learning environment rich with active learning opportunities.

(D. Faries, 2022)

This page walks through the process of understanding my personal belief system in regards to learning methods and how to incorporate the appropriate method at different times in a learning environment.

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(Clikr Free, 2014)

This page details my journey to understanding the 3 column table created by Dr. Fink. I discovered that the most important aspect of lesson planning is understanding the end results and preparing for those achievements.

(Kreatikar, 2018)

I learned that starting from the end point of what information you want to impart your learners with is a successful way of crafting your learning program.

(Geralt, 2017)

This post explains the value of making a plan to achieve a growth mindset.


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