5315,  Masters - ADL

Assessing Digital Learning and Instruction

The course “Assessing Digital Learning” was fascinating, although I had expected it to cover a broader scope rather than a more specific area of study. While I feel unprepared to evaluate the quality of digital learning methods without conducting extensive action research, this type of research is invaluable for determining whether a teaching method or product is capable of creating an environment that promotes academic achievement. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts when it comes to reviewing and researching classroom tools, and many teachers may be looking for quick fixes that require minimal effort. Nevertheless, the course provided valuable insight on how to assess classroom success.

My work from this course:

This post is the outline of how I plan to implement my action research. This outline is an important step in the research process because it helped me to organize my ideas and focus my research efforts. I was able to clarify my research question, and identify the key points that I want to cover in my paper. It also help me to identify gaps in my knowledge, and to determine what additional research or data I may need to gather to fully address my topic.

The literature review is an important component of the research process because it allowed for the evaluation and to synthesize the existing literature on a the topic or incorporating blended learning for the purpose of differentiation of lessons. The review process allowed me to identify gaps in the literature, and determine the need for further research. Since I conducted a thorough literature review, I was able to modify my action research plan to ensure that my future research will be a valuable contribution to the field.

By writing an action research plan before starting data collection, I ensure that the research is well-planned, focused, and systematic. It provides a roadmap for the research process and helps to ensure that the research is well-designed, relevant, and useful. During my research to craft my plan I was able to clarify the research question, define the design, a

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