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5317,  Learning Community,  Masters - ADL

5315 & 5317 – Contributions to My Learning Environment

Learning every day!


The members of my core group are: Tania Barrientos, Angel Crittend, and Sara Eder

Assigned group: Tawanna Clark, Carl Dickerson, Catherine Duplisea, and Sarah Eder

Self-Assessment Grade

I was extremely active in my core group, consistently submitted my assignments on time, and took care to ensure all information was included. When I replied to individuals I ensured that my post contributed with added meaning. I feel that based on this information I should receive a 85/100 for EDLD 5315 and 85/100 for EDLD 5317. During my first courses this fall, I was introduced to the creating and sharing my innovation plan, but I still had a shaky foundation on how to share this information. During the 5315 class, I expanded on my understanding of research and how that applies to the profession of educator. During the 5317 class, I feel that I have embraced the concept of working with my fellow colleagues in creating an atmosphere of shared knowledge.

Key Contributions 

During the course, I assisted Sara in organizing a reference page to share with others for the courses by including  links to important information and how to access content that was not linked in the course. The main reason I initiated this concept is that finding information in my previous course was difficult as the concepts overlapped between the two courses, and information was posted in a variety of locations. Even though we did not have overlapping concepts this time, the tool has been very useful as a quick reference when writing my assignments. 

Using the Whatsapp App we discussed the assignments, shared our e-portfolio, and made revisions based on group member comments. I have also revised my assignments based on my feedback from the professors. 

I ensured that all my work was properly cited in APA format and turned in early for my peers to review as per the course guidelines. 

Supporting Contributions

I was thoughtful in posts on the discussion boards and tried to post promptly during each unit.  I was reflective in my responses to peoples’ posts on the discussion boards and returned to see other peoples’ messages to my posts. I felt that this discussion was very useful in my learning process as I used their insight to self-reflect on my own personal learning. 

I maintained constant communication in my group to make sure that questions were answered quickly and encouragement was given often. 

I sent out reminders if none had been posted on days we had class or when assignments were due. 

I made thoughtful discussion post to my assigned group on time.

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