5317,  Masters - ADL

Resources Digital Environments

I honestly expected a course that improved my digital capabilities. That was not what this course entailed. Instead, I spent my time creating an article to publish regarding what I had learned in my masters program and my innovation plan for teaching. The assignment on creating digital media, was by far the most interesting and useful assignment. I went beyond what was required and tried to craft something that pushed my knowledge of creating digital content. I have a long way to go and I often wonder should I have just gotten a degree in game design, so that I could provide more useful tools for my students. Regardless, I have a new appreciation for the process of publication to increase the collective knowledge of educators across our nation. At this point in my masters program, I realize that the need for greater understand regarding the purpose of education and the change needed to make education more than a repeat decade after decade.

My work from this course:

This post is the cumulation of what I have learned in my masters program regarding the implementation of my innovation plan.

This animated media project purpose is to convey what I have learned in my masters program by using spoken language in a visual appealing format to communication.

This is a rough draft for the publication that I am very interested in writing for to illustrate how teachers can reach students on the students’ own terms, thereby filling the learning gaps that have been plaguing the educational system for decades.

I hope that my learned experience will help others inside and outside of my school district, so I plan to send these experiences to an outside publisher.

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