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    Assessing Digital Learning and Instruction

    The course “Assessing Digital Learning” was fascinating, although I had expected it to cover a broader scope rather than a more specific area of study. While I feel unprepared to evaluate the quality of digital learning methods without conducting extensive action research, this type of research is invaluable for…

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    Action Research

    The purpose of creating this study is to seek and explore improved ways to incorporate differentiated instruction for the hopes of closing learning gaps in students. Firstly, research has shown that students have diverse learning needs, and a “one-size-fits-all” approach to teaching has been shown to be ineffective at…

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    Final Draft For Publishing

    Creating a paper for publishing is a daunting task. I commend all my fellow classmates for their efforts and their insight. I hope that some found my ideas to be informative as well.

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    Resources Digital Environments

    I honestly expected a course that improved my digital capabilities. That was not what this course entailed. Instead, I spent my time creating an article to publish regarding what I had learned in my masters program and my innovation plan for teaching. The assignment on creating digital media, was…

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    Literature Review

    In today‚Äôs society, technology is inextricably intertwined within our daily lives. This obviously extends into the classroom as the use of technology accompanies students throughout their day. During the last few years, many education systems have attempted to implement technology in the classroom to enhance learning or to fill…

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    Media Project

    I have taught for ten years, and what I see are classrooms filled with multi-skill leveled students. Heterogeneous grouping is generally considered optimal to use in all settings such as these.  The meta-analysis report by Tomlinson et al. (2003) indicates that low-performing students are most successful in heterogeneous grouping,…

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    Publishing a Paper

    I am very interested in publishing a paper regarding my innovation plan at Edutopia, a publication catering to education that is a part of the George Lucas Educational Foundation. According to their paper requirements, they accept articles that are under 850 words from educators in primary or secondary schools.…

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    Research Outline

    This paper will analyze how to analyze differentiated instruction through the need, process, and drawbacks from implementing blended learning during a class through the means of station rotation in order to incorporate differentiation of instruction with the goal of meeting the needs of all students in the heterogeneous educational…

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    Publication Outline

    In just a few months, I will graduate with my masters degree, and with that comes the responsibility to share with others and help them learn. I plan to share the knowledge I have gained and hope that others will benefit from this knowledge. I hope that my learned…